The CIBM is an interinstitutional biomedical imaging research center supported by the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, their associated research and teaching hospitals and the EPFL. It is a center of excellence in biomedical imaging and translational research that brings in the latest technological innovations. It interacts with multiple research teams which are multidisciplinary and include biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers.

In this context, the CIBM and laboratories closely collaborating with the CIBM are recruiting the positions listed below, among others.

Due to natural fluctuations, we constantly hiring, therefore, feel free to contact us at info [AT] cibm.ch if you are interested in employment opportunities at the CIBM or laboratories closely collaborating with CIBM.

  • Volunteers
  • PhD positions
  • Postdoctoral / Staff Center positions


How to apply ?

The positions are available immediately and will be open until filled.
Interested individuals should send their CV and a statement of interest to (unless otherwise stated) Rolf Gruetter, CIBM Head, by email.