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Citation rates 2006-2010

Papers published in 2008 have on average collected 28 citations per item (12-10-2012).

Published in 2009 : 16 citations/item.

NB. These citation rates are comparable to those of Caltech, UC Berkeley, Yale University and Imperial College London (Articles and Reviews only, source WOS, SCI-EXANDED, i.e. excluding social sciences as well as arts and humanities and conference proceedings).

For comparison with the Times Higher Educations report (see here ), we show below the number of citations collected in 2006-2010 per published item (articles & reviews, source ISI). Indicated in parentheses is the next best field (i.e. having a lower average citation rate) and its rank within 21 disciplines. 

2006: 12.2 (9.Environment/Ecology)
2007: 16.2 (2. Immunology)
2008: 13.6 (3. Neuroscience)
2009: 5.3 (2. Immunology)
2010: 0.5 (7. Microbiology)

Average citations/item covering the period 2006-2010 : 10.8 (12. Geosciences)

Citation rates

Currently, a CIBM paper has an average age of 2 years and thus produces on average 5.5 citations/year.