7 Tesla






  • High-resolution fMRI
  • T1-weighted imaging (MP2RAGE)
  • T2-weighted imaging (SPACE)
  • T2*-weighted imaging
  • Phase imaging
  • Proton spectroscopy (including CSI)
  • 13C spectroscopy
  • RF-coil design


  • Control/Operator Room
  • Projection Room (rear projection into magnet bore)
  • Procedure Room (blood sample processing, physiological monitoring of ECG etc.)
  • Outpatient suite (for volunteers, outpatients support)

fMRI auxiliary devices

  • Projector for visual stimulation
  • Tactile stimulators
  • Two auditory stimulation devices
  • Response buttons
  • MR-compatible eyetracker
  • real-time fMRI setup

Selected publications

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Technical specifications

The 7 Tesla/68 cm is the first of its kind scanner for humans, with active-shielding, ultra-short magnet length designed for human clinical research.

Research and product development cooperation with Siemens and Magnex Scientific, Oxford.

Magnet Magnex Scientific 7 Tesla / 680 mm Bore
Active shielded, Ultra short length, Zero boiloff magnet
Cryostat length
2200 mm
Cryostat diameter 2700 mm
Cryostat weight (excluding cryogens) 28 Tonnes approx.
Nominal operating current 192 Amps
Energy stored 39.3 MJ
Console Siemens
Gradient: 400 mm i.d. (50mT/m)
8-channel pTX architecture
RF: 8 channel RAPID coil, 32 channel Nova Medical RF coil
Various home-built RF coils