• October 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Cristina Cudalbu, from the CIBM Animal Imaging and Technology core, who has been awarded the Best Poster Award at this years 16th ISHEN (International Society of Hepatic Encephalopathy and Nitrogen Metabolism) meeting in London.
  • October 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Meritxell Bach Cuadra from the CIBM Signal Processing Core, who received a FNS grant for her project entitled ‘Advanced high-field MR imaging and quantitative image analysis for segmentation of the thalamic nuclei’.
  • August 2014: A recent study, published in the journal ‘Current Biology‘ finally shows the effectiveness of multisensory teaching methods. This publication was authored by Antonia Thelen, Pawel Matusz, and Micah Murray (Director of the EEG Brain Mapping Core CIBM-CHUV).
  • Cover of MRM - September 2014 August 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Ruud van Heeswijk who was awarded the prestigious AMBIZIONE grant for his work on translational 19F atherosclerosis imaging. 


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