3T MR HUG core


Advanced MR applications in University hospital of Geneva 

The main characteristic of the MRI-core at the University hospitals of Geneva (HUG) is to bring together engineers and technical developers in the medical world. The goal of the center is to o er and maintain state of the art MRI platform with advanced applications, as well as expertise and support in image processing and analysis. Our main lines of research concern human brain early development, epilepsy, oncology including tumor treatment using focused ultrasound (HiFU) and development of biosensors for tumor tagging and drug delivery, as well as pre-transplantation diagnostic of marginal organs.

Resources: The main resource of the CIBM is a 3 Tesla MR imaging and spectroscopy system. Functional-MRI equipments are available including 256-channels EEG-fMRI system. A MR-compatible HiFU system for tumor ablation is operational, including real time MR thermometry.